Our Values

    People matter to us because they matter to God! We are a community of faith that strives to see people through the eyes of Jesus and love them like He does.

  The Bible is God’s message of hope and love for our world today. We will teach it, study it and learn from it so that we know it, grow in faith through it and live according to it.

   We are all a work in progress. Like clay in the hands of a potter, so our lives are molded by Jesus if we allow Him to shape us into His likeness. Our personal history is not what matters as much as our personal future and eternity. With God’s forgiveness through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, we are all welcomed to be a new creation.

   We are all ministers of God’s Word to the world. Leaders lead, preachers preach and those with mercy are especially merciful, but all of us are called by God to impact our world for Jesus.

   God’s truth should not go unheard because we are unwilling to change the way we "did church" generations ago. In all we do, we will strive to teach the ancient wisdom and timeless truth of God’s word in a relevant and innovative way.

   God is a God of excellence. We will work diligently to live, serve and worship God with our very best. God deserves nothing less.

   Worship is our time to focus ourselves on God at work in our lives and to honor Him with our attention, our study, our teaching, our prayers, our singing and our community.

   We believe that we all exist to be in relationship with God and to worship, to grow in faith, to serve the people of the world and to thoughtfully steward God’s gift of creation.

   The Holy Spirit of God has worked throughout history to bring Godly order out of worldly chaos. We will not abide Satan’s tactics of division and his mentality of scarcity. We will be united in Godly vision and purpose and apply Biblical principles in dealing with Satan’s efforts to divide us.

   We believe that it is our privilege and our responsibility to financially support God’s work through this church. God is the creator of all that is and does not need our money. We, however, have a responsibility to support God’s Kingdom through this ministry. The world teaches us scarcity, but God is a God of overflowing generosity and abundance. Give joyful giving a try; you will see what we mean!